Composite Character Profiles

Selfless Emily

  • Mother of two children
  • Children are preparing to go to kindergarten
  • Spend a lot of time taking care of her children
  • Enjoys subscriptions like Netflix
  • watch Netflix when she is free (not taking care of her children)
  • Lots of trash created by her family
  • Character created by Rick

Concerned Carrie

  • Is worried about the environment and prefers sustainable choices in her daily life
  • Does not trust the current process of waste disposal, does not believe that her waste gets recycled properly
  • Is improperly informed about what happens to her trash after it is picked up by garbage trucks and sent to recycling units
  • Would prefer to partake in a system that is as transparent as possible

Activist Alex

  • very vocal about their concern for the environment
  • moderate income, enough excess to be comfortable
  • lives with 2 roommates in an apartment, all together they make a lot of waste
  • none of them really know what to do with their waste, and find recycling difficult to remember
  • Alex is on the busier side, so would prefer something as convenient as possible