How might we... [Savvy Hospital Administrator]?

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[The Savvy Hospital Administrator] needs [a way to reduce the overall hospital waste that is cost effective] because [they need to improve the hospitals image while ensuring the hospital can still stay on budget and even save money].

Ideate to come up with questions that might seed your team's creative thinking about divergent strategies for meeting this need. The point here is to get you thinking about the widest range of potential strategies before converging on a specific strategy and exploring it in detail. Check out these Tips for examples to help you get started.

To address this need:

  • How might we create a system that reduces the annual purchasing cost of medical supplies to hospitals?
  • How might we eliminate the large initial cost of medical machines?
  • How might we create a product that lasts a long possible and is as high of quality as possible?
  • How might we create a product that reduces any risk factors and is perceived to be just as safe as a less sustainable product?
  • How might we create a product that helps the hospital portray themselves sustainable? (People feel good going to the hospital)
  • How might we utilize excess resources from volunteer programs or storage?
  • How might we make sustainability within a hospital a win win scenario?
  • How might we reduce the fear around unsanitary products?
  • How might we make the supply line as efficient as possible? How might we make the product's installation simple?