Point of View Statements

Point of View Statement 1

[Supportive Surgeon] needs [a strong medical sanitization product] because [medical supplies are rapidly filling landfills and polluting the environment].

Point of View Statement 2

[The Savvy Hospital Administrator] needs [a way to reduce the overall hospital waste that is cost effective] because [they need to improve the hospitals image while ensuring the hospital can still stay on budget and even save money].

Point of View Statement 3

[Over-worked Nurse] needs [a time efficient product] because [they have multiple tasks and processes to keep track of on a daily basis that need to be sanitary and effortless].

Point of View Statement 4

[Janitor] needs [a waste product that is initiative and easy to use] because [they typically don't receive specialized training for machinery]

Our Best One So Far

[Supportive Medical Professional] needs [an effective, time efficient medical product that can reduce waste] because [the hospital is a time sensitive environment and medical supplies are rapidly filling landfills, polluting the environment].