Minimum Viable Service or App Features for Our Project

Point of View Statement

Enter a refined POV statement that succinctly describes the essential user needs that you're designing a solution to provide. This will likely be based on your earlier POV statements, but may have evolved and updated based on your continued exploration and refining of your understanding of the problems throughout the Ideating phase of the design thinking process.

[Generous Jean] needs [a viable method of reducing excess restaurant food waste] because [she wants to help her charity as well as community by being more conscious of costs since the price of food is rising making it harder to provide as many meals as before]

Minimum Viable Product

Our service or app is a [subscription that will allow restaurant owners to efficiently transport excess foods that have not been sold at the end of the day to a local charity].

The simplest version of this service or app that delivers value and meets the challenges of this POV statement will have these essential features:

  • restaurants pay a monthly subscription for our service
  • our app will advertise and have point system rankings to appeal to customers buying food from the app
  • transportation will be handled via app or partnership with local transportation business i.e. uber, lyft, etc.
  • app will display quantities and inventories, as well as provide a menu for customers to see how they can engage in helping the community and environment