Composite Character Profiles

Busy Brenda

  • Mother of 4 children
  • PTA mom
  • Computer Analyst
  • Busy lifestyle, and doesn't get much free time
  • Has a huge mini van, and spends too much money on gasoline
  • Wants to feed her family fresh and organic food but it's far and inaccessible to her, resulting in her using wholesale and mainstream brands (eg. Walmart)

Healthy Hailey

  • Health/Nutrition & Lifestyle Vlogger on YouTube
  • Junior in College- Financially limited
  • Part-time job at a sports goods store
  • Very conscious about diet and only eats organic
  • Has to drive about 20 mins twice a week to get fresh goods from a farmers market
  • Notices her rising bills because of pricy fresh produce

Social Simon and Sarah

  • 25 years and 27 years, married
  • Love hosting parties and always strive to meet new people
  • In trading club in the neighborhood where they can trade any items they have
  • Don't really care what kind of grocery they eat. Usually visit Costco, Walmart, and Target

Volunteer Vincent

  • 65 years old— senior
  • Loves to help out the environment and volunteers for trash pickup, and gardening projects
  • Likes to be involved in the neighborhood, socially and environmentally
  • Due to his age, he struggles with lots of movement and gets tired
  • Loves to garden