Point of View Statements

Ted the Tech Guru

[Ted the Tech Guru] needs [a convenient method to outsources his companies positive contributions to environmental issues ] because [his tech start up is in its infant phase and needs to focus on growing the business, but still wants to remain sustainable]

Investor Igor

[Investor Igor] needs [a strong tech service that is practical and easily executed while still being "trendy" and attractive to others ] because [he needs to profit off of it and wants the company to be reliable].

Scared Sarah

[Scared Sarah] needs [ a new jobs that pays well, has a low learning curve to start, and is long-term] because [because she needs to support her child and the coal industry is not economically sustainable]

Exuberant Emelia

[Exuberant Emelia] needs [an intuitive service that supports sustainability] because [she wants to promote it to fellow students]