Sameeha Interview 3

Who Did You Interview?


Demographics That Might Provide Helpful Context for Their Responses

  • 15 years
  • Rising sophomore
  • Loves to draw

Key Findings from the Interview

What apps do you use (apart from messages, email, games, etc) that impact your day to day life? How do they change your actions (ex. Do you use a GPS every day? etc)

“I use the garmin connect app I use for PE to track my heart rate and activity and all that jazz.”

Why do you use this app? Do you find it easy to use?

“This ap connects to a tracking device and I like to use it even out of school, because it reminds me to stay hydrated and take a deep breath”

What problems do those apps address in your life?

“This covers my health”

What do the services or apps do very well?

“It’s great at tracking and holding me accountable”

What don't they do very well that you'd like to improve?

“I don’t think it’s very accurate so they should work on that”

Do you use any environment related apps? If so, what are they?

“Yes! It’s called flora and everytime I finish a task it lets me water a plant of my choice and after a while it donates money to a charity that helps grow trees ”

Can you come up with any ideas of sustainability-related online services or apps you need? What types of apps would be most beneficial to the environment that you think you would actually use?

“Carpooling app to reduce carbon footprint”