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June 29, 2021 → June 30, 2021
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How Might We Questions (complete a list of questions that suggest alternative strategies for meeting the needs of your selected POV statement prior to our Wed, Jun 30 class session)

Create How Might We questions (that are broad enough to seed your thinking about a wide range of solutions, but narrow enough to prompt your collaborators to think of specific unique ideas that answer the questions) based on two or three of your most promising POV statements. Prepare these How Might We questions before the start of our class session, and we'll use them during our next class session to begin ideating within your design team as well with other design teams to help generate potential solutions to consider.

How Might We Questions - Tips

Brainstorming (complete brainstorming sessions to generate alternatives that answer your TOP 3 How Might We questions prior to our Wed, Jun 30 class session)

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or Maximum Value Product (complete your MVP prior to our Wed, Jun 30 class session)

Create a description of the features of your Minimum Viable Product (MVP), based on your team's brainstorming and selection activities. You should continue ideating within your design team to refine vision of the essential features of the product that you'll be proposing, then itemize those features — the absolute must-haves — in your MVP description.

You'll be using this MVP to guide your detailed design of the product your design team is proposing as a solution to the needs you've identified. And the features that you've identified as essential will the be the ones that will be most important to prototype and test during the next phase of the design thinking process.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) - Tips
Minimum Viable Product Features for Our Project

What's Next

During our Wed, Jun 30 class session, we'll be using the essential features listed in your team's MVP to begin designing the actual details of your product.

We'll think explicitly about how to create a prototype of your product — something that you scan share with other users to give them a true sense of what the actual product will be — so, you can test the features of your proposed product and get feedback about how to make it even better.

Then, over the next week (Mon, Jul 5 is a university holiday), you'll create your prototype to share with other teams and begin testing the features during our Wed, Jul 7 class session.