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Project 2 - Mini Proposal

Mini Proposal 1: Addressing “Food Deserts”

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Enter a 1-paragraph Mini Proposal (<300 words) that describes: Food Oasis

  • The Food Oasis is a prototype “food hub” with a community kitchen and three stalls for farmers to sell produce directly to consumers.
  • The first Food Oasis will be constructed at University Ave. at Runnymede St, East Palo Alto, CA, USA. This location was chosen because it exemplifies a “food desert” as defined by the EPA.
  • The purpose is to address the disparity in food resources on each side of the 101 highway, by supplying the freshest food and teaching residents how to prepare healthy and culturally appropriate food at home:
    • Palo Alto, CA, USA, is wealthier and majority populated by mostly White (52.5%) and Asian (35.7%) - there are several weekly farmers’ markets exist in Palo Alto, as well as high-quality supermarkets like Draeger’s and Whole Foods
    • East Palo Alto, CA, USA is mostly minority populated by Latines (59.9%) and Black (10.7%). There are four fast food restaurants, several taquerias, and convenience stores within a one mile radius of the proposed site.
  • Resources from Dr. Ramírez:
    • Mandela Grocery Cooperative in Oakland
    • Project New Village - food hub in the making
    • Food Shed Inc., San Diego






Mini Proposal 2: Farmworker Housing

Enter a 1-paragraph Mini Proposal (<300 words) that describes: Farmworker Housing

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Mini Proposal 3: Sustainable Farm Experience Center

Enter a 1-paragraph Mini Proposal (<300 words) that describes: Sustainable Farm Experience Center

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  • Your Space

The Sustainable Farm Experience Center will be established on a working farm, where cows will be fed seaweed, known to mitigate methane gas production during digestion. Additionally, the barn floor will be equipped with piezoelectric sensors, harnessing the energy generated by cattle movement as a form of sustainable power generation.




  • Your Community

The center will be open to the public, attracting local community members and tourists alike. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience feeding seaweed to cows and witness firsthand the generation of electricity through walking on the barn floor. The center aims to stimulate economic activity in the surrounding area by encouraging eco-tourism and supporting local businesses.

  • Your General Objective / Purpose

The main objective of the Sustainable Farm Experience Center is to showcase innovative and sustainable farming practices while reducing pollution generated by traditional farming methods. By raising awareness about methane reduction through seaweed consumption and self-generation of electricity from cattle movement, we aim to inspire both farmers and the wider community to adopt eco-friendly techniques. Furthermore, by promoting a positive image of the farming industry through its sustainable initiatives, the center seeks to enhance the community's perception of agriculture and its impact on the environment.

Mini Proposal 4: Cow Manure Processing

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