Team Mini Proposal - Earth 2.0

Journal Entry For
Project 3 - Mini Proposal

Mini Proposal 1


  • Who - Suburban Communities
  • What - A self-sustainable hexagonal-shaped housing with zero carbon emissions prone to all ecological disasters in a community charged up by a core battery as a primary source with kinetic energy shields around the hexagonal surfaces to absorb natural energy from water and wind.
  • Why - To combat possible problems of climate change, ecological disasters, increased need for efficient & green energy, lack of land
  • Where - Suburban areas
  • When - In the Year 2050

What is the focus of your design thinking?

The focus of our design thinking lies in the following:

  1. Researching various problems that could occur in 2050 related to housing and if our issues brainstormed relate
    1. If they do not, we would need to change some features of our brainstormed proposal
  2. Interviewing people regarding the technologies that they think will arise as we progress toward the year 2050
  3. Creating POV statements out of needs that people specify regarding futuristic living and what they would like to see for amenities, equipment, furniture, mobility, etc

Key Features:

  • Disaster Prone
  • Self Sustainable
  • Zero Carbon Emissions
  • One Single Core powered source
  • Avengers Style Centrally controlled access