Design Project 1 | Testing Takeaways (DONE)

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Project 1 - Plan for Iterating

Planning to Iterate

  • Was the feedback consistent?
    • It was consistent. For the most part, testers had positive feedback. They all believed in having a well-structured incentive program.
  • What were the best learnings?
    • Have a transparent revenue model with which your business can attain all three pillars of a long-lasting venture: (1) Profitability, (2) Sustainability (i.e. would sustain itself over the long run), and (3) Scalability
  • What should you implement as you ITERATE?
    • Point out exactly who is paying you to fund your business operations.
    • Initially, try to specify the capacity to be processed by your facilities.
    • How many facilities will you be operating?
    • Who will be the party that would generate more significant revenues? It will probably be from restaurant owners and fast food chains. How can you streamline the collection process to reduce shipping costs? As suggested by one of your testers, you should rely on subordinates for the collection phase.
    • Make your incentive program more transparent. Paying your restaurant partners up to 10% of the value of the biofuel sold would be viable/sustainable over the long run. As for households, you should have a more explicit reward system that is incremental regardless of the amount of oil appropriately disposed of.
    • You also have to provide households with standard containers that would allow them to collect used cooking oil in a more accessible fashion. This is to avoid the hassle of looking for something around the house to fill the oil in, as the respective households could not have a container they would want to use for used frying oil collection.