Design Project 1 | Composite Characters

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Project 1 - Composite Characters



College aged

Lives near dense urban area

Has good home cooking from parents

Not a lot of nearby gyms

  • Wants to keep fit
  • Sports besides basketball are inconvenient, but he doesn't play

A lot of traffic

Wants to be more independent and move out closer to his university

  • Open to learning how to cook and be self sufficient


Junior high schooler

4.6 GPA

Spends 5 hours a day self-studying

Little time to exercise or visit parents

Overall monotonous diet - wheat, corn, meat on most days.

  • Would cook for self if more time and knowhow


College aged

Hobbyist- loves doing theater

Does well academically, takes base classes mostly. Business and theater major

Little time to visit parents, but eats home cooking from them whenever possible since its better

Wants to go to gym and eat better food, but has little time due to focus on theater

Wants to eat good food.


College aged

Loves exercise

  • Bikes and hikes everywhere

Has driver license but doesn’t use car unless necessary

Has 3 siblings

Average grades

Eats home cooked meals about half the week

  • Wants to cook for self, but not sure how to make it convenient since she's constantly traveling