Design Project 1 | Domain / Area of Opportunity (revised)

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Project 1 - Domain / Area of Opportunity

The domain that I’d like to focus on is….

The domain that I would like to focus on is lighting, specifically how to reduce the energy usage of commercial and residential lighting while still providing the needed light for work or living. There are many ways to reduce the energy needed to provide lighting, including increasing natural light, reducing the need for light, and making artificial light more efficient. I intend to take the above approaches in this project.

This area is important/interesting to me because….

This area is important to sustainability because lighting accounts for a very large portion of our energy usage, and much of it is wasted. We often use more light than we need and light our homes brighter than we need.

This area is important to me specifically because of my own wastage in lighting. I used to leave lamps on the entire night up to when I was 12 when I realized that it was an absolute waste since I was asleep anyways. Furthermore, there are many ways to reduce the need for lighting; hence, this area is very feasible for this project.

New Domain

Sustainable home farming and micro green towers.