Design Project 1 | Testing Takeaways

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Project 1 - Plan for Iterating

Planning to Iterate

  • Was the feedback consistent?
    • Yes, the feedback was consistent to an extensive extent. All of the users enjoyed the idea of labeling cups to sort the trash, as well as the small labels that helped education users.
    • Moreover, each user believed “one flower = one coffee” would help spread awareness as well as build a sustainable community within the compound.
  • What were the best learnings?
    • The implementation of a cafe within a compound would definitely help make a change in the compound’s community (from what the users told me)


Feature 1

  • Add guidelines for the trash sorting, as well as an explanation.
    • The first version of the presentation was created in a way where I would have to speak and explain, but that is not the goal of prototyping, therefore that has to be modified.
  • Explain what is a compound first, because some are confused as what it is.

Feature 2

  • Lower the number of coffee purchases.
    • This feature works only after the flower has bloomed (which means the second round of counting purchases will only start after the first flower has bloomed).