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Composite Character Profiles


Age: 20 Fitness Level: Beginner Segmentation:

  • Demographic: Female
  • Behavioral: Limited exercise experience, open to trying new activities
  • Psychographic: Curiosity, desire for self-improvement

Interests: Dance, yoga, hiking Goals: Improve overall fitness, increase flexibility, reduce stress Pain-points: Lack of knowledge about fitness routines, difficulty finding time between classes and assignments Key Attributes: As a college student, Emily is new to fitness and seeks opportunities to explore different activities. She has an interest in dance and yoga and enjoys outdoor pursuits like hiking. Her main goal is to improve her fitness level and reduce stress while managing her busy academic schedule.


Age: 21

Fitness Level: Low Segmentation:

  • Demographic: Male
  • Behavioral: Sedentary lifestyle, minimal physical activity
  • Psychographic: Desire for change, self-consciousness

Interests: Watching sports, cooking, spending time with family Goals: Lose weight, improve overall health, boost self-confidence Pain-points: Lack of motivation, self-consciousness about body image, difficulty adopting healthy habits Key Attributes: David is a male who is currently overweight and wants to make a positive change in his life. He enjoys watching sports and spending time with his family. His main goal is to lose weight, improve his overall health, and boost his self-confidence. David faces challenges such as finding motivation and adopting sustainable healthy habits, but he is determined to make a change and improve his well-being.


Fitness Level: Intermediate Segmentation:

  • Demographic: Male
  • Behavioural: Regular gym-goer, participates in local sports leagues
  • Psychographic: Competitiveness, goal-oriented

Interests: Weightlifting, basketball, hiking Goals: Increase muscle mass, improve athletic performance, maintain mental well-being Pain points: Balancing work and fitness commitments, occasional difficulty staying motivated during solo workouts Key Attributes: Alex is a competitive individual who enjoys weightlifting and team sports. He strives to increase muscle mass and enhance his athletic abilities. While balancing a demanding job, he seeks motivation by challenging himself in sports leagues and incorporating outdoor activities into his fitness routine.


Age: 25

Fitness Level: Moderate Segmentation:

  • Behavioral: Regular gym-goer, enjoys group fitness classes
  • Psychographic: Health-conscious, seeks balance in life

Interests: Group fitness classes, outdoor activities, trying new healthy recipes Goals: Maintain a balanced lifestyle, improve overall fitness and strength, manage stress Pain-points: Limited time due to a demanding internship/school, occasional lack of motivation to exercise Key Attributes: Sarah prioritizes her health and fitness but struggles to find time for consistent workouts. She seeks motivation through engaging group fitness classes and enjoys exploring new activities and recipes to maintain a healthy lifestyle.