Interview 8

Who Did You Interview?

• A 21-year-old male from France.

Demographics That Might Provide Helpful Context for Their Responses

Age: 21 Gender: Male Location: France

Key Findings from the Interview

  • The interviewee emphasizes the importance of setting up a balanced routine and how one feels about their health. They believe that a significant portion of feeling healthy comes from a positive mindset.
  • The interviewee used to be obese and felt the need to change their lifestyle. They were motivated by a friend who pushed them to lose weight and adopt a healthier way of living.
  • Currently, the interviewee works out at the gym four times a week. They also emphasize the importance of actively pushing themselves during their workouts and maintaining consistency.
  • Feeling proud of oneself is an important aspect for the interviewee in their fitness journey.
  • The interviewee uses various apps and fitness apps to support their fitness routine, but they couldn't recall specific names.
  • Their fitness activities primarily involve gym workouts, biking, and running.
  • Regarding the social aspect of fitness, the interviewee believes that while a friend pushed them to start their fitness journey, they ultimately see it as an individual effort.

These key findings highlight the interviewee's focus on establishing a balanced routine and the role of mindset in feeling healthy. Their past experience of being obese and the influence of a friend motivated them to adopt a healthier lifestyle. They prioritize pushing themselves actively during workouts and maintaining consistency. Feeling proud of themselves is an important aspect of their fitness journey. They use various apps and fitness apps to support their routine and engage in gym workouts, biking, and running. While they acknowledge the initial influence of a friend, they view their fitness journey as an individual effort.