University Friend #1

Who Did You Interview?

  • My undergrad university friend.

Demographics That Might Provide Helpful Context for Their Responses

  • Grew up and lives in Lebanon
  • Age: 21
  • Female

Key Findings from the Interview

  • She has never used a composting system before but would like to.
  • She believes that protecting the environment should be done at the individual level and that our reliance on chemical fertilizers (instead of organic fertilizers) for agriculture should be reduced to promote a healthier environment and reduce water contamination.
  • Her main fears regarding composting systems are related to convenience and hygiene since she is worried about the smell and mess that it could cause.

Below are the (slightly shortened) original answers to the questions:

  1. Can you share your experience with managing organic waste at home? Do you deal with it a lot at home? What challenges have you faced from it?

Answer: Managing organic waste at home has been a bit annoying. We don't have much in terms of a formal system for dealing with it, so we usually just throw it away with the regular waste. I know thats not the most sustainable or best approach, but the lack of easy or affordable alternatives makes it difficult to do anything else.

  1. Tell me about the last time you used a product (or service) to reduce the impact of organic waste in your home.

Answer: I haven't used any specific product or service in my home before. However, I do try to minimize waste by thinking of what I buy and consume.

  1. Can you describe how important sustainability and the use of eco-friendly methods in agriculture is to you, and why?

Answer: Sustainability and eco-friendly methods in agriculture are important to me. Lebanon has been facing some serious environmental and water-related issues, and I believe that sustainable farming practices are part of the solution towards creating a better future. Reducing our reliance on harmful chemicals is very important for our health and for the preservation of our natural resources that we have.

  1. What are your hopes and expectations for a product such as a compact composting system in terms of reducing the use of harsh fertilizers?

Answer: My hopes for a product like that are quite high actually. I'd love to see a solution that allows me to reduce my waste and create something beneficial out of it. The idea of producing my own compost that would replace the need for harmful fertilizers is really nice. It's a small step, but every little bit helps.

  1. Have you ever used a composting system before? If yes, what were the positive and negative aspects of your experience? If not, what barriers or concerns might have kept you from trying?

Answer: I haven't used a composting system before. The main reason is the lack of products available. Additionally, i think that there are also concerns about the time and effort required to manage it, as well as the bad odors it might make.

  1. Are there any fears or concerns you might have regarding the use of composting systems or similar products in terms of efficiency, cleanliness, or other factors? Can you elaborate on these concerns?

Answer: My main fears regarding composting systems are related to the smell it might make.