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Our problems:

  • students/attendees do not pay attention to flyers
  • the person who distributes the flyer is the one who captures attention, not the flyer itself
  • the flyers that are just being distributed and being left on tables are super inefficient and
  • useless

  • printing those flyers is a waste: energy consumption and paper waste and harmful to the
  • environment

  • do not have a significant impact on increasing the participants' number
  • email is our communication way in our academic and business lives so events that are
  • outside of this circle might not make us read them as we are already reading dozens of

    emails each day

  • it is hard to access everyone’s email at school events as email is a more personal
  • address

  • everyone is not using social media and does not necessarily need to in order to see the
  • events that are happening in their college, it is not a must

  • social media has no one common page for Stanford events so people who do not follow
  • certain pages can still not see the announcement unless one of their contacts shares or leave an interaction with it. The “reels” videos have a rapid circulation but most of the time those announcements are shared via “posts” or “stories” instead of “reels” videos.

  • Our lives are busy and information circulation is so rapid, it is not refutable that we are missing a lot!
  • Ideas:

  • If the person who distributes takes the attention rather than the flyer itself, maybe we can create an interesting device so that it can capture attention, and instead of carrying dozens of paper waste, by just circulating one flyer we could access a lot of people.
  • We are living in a social media-dependent or addicted world, so if we capture those people's attention and make them share it on their social media accounts, we can also reach many people via social media.
  • So let’s also create something that people reflexively take pictures or selfies with their phones.
  • Make people smile, make them remember the event, and see the increase in attendance.