Design Project 1 | POV Statements

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Project 1 - POV Statements

Point of View Statements

Point of View Statement 1

Ilya needs to be more mindful of her waste because according to studies of 2018 only 32% of waste has been recycled and composted.

Point of View Statement 2

Rinat needs to start acting on his ideas of implementing eco-friendly behavior because he simply does not care about aftereffects of his actions.

Point of View Statement 3

Misha needs to stop using plastic wrap because plastic waste that ends up on landfields does not get recycled (in most cases) and using plastic wraps means throwing away several meters of plastic.

Point of View Statement 4

John needs to prioritize regular exercise because a recent study showed that even moderate physical activity can significantly improve cognitive function and memory retention.

Selected Point of View Statement

You’ll select the Point of View statement that you’ll carry forward to inspire and guide your design work after our next class meeting on Mon, Jul 3.

Sasha needs to drive her siblings to school and complete her daily tasks because she is a very diligent and responsible elder daughter in a family with 9 kids.