Interview 5

Who Did You Interview?

  • College Student 4 (Did not collect data on individual’s profile, kept anonymous)

Demographics That Might Provide Helpful Context for Their Responses

  • College Student
  • UC Berkeley/Singapore University of Technology and Design
  • Singaporean
  • Male

Key Findings from the Interview

  • College Student 4 views sustainability as important, but comparatively
    • If two of the same option (same price, same clothing piece, same comfort and quality), would purchase the more sustainable one
    • Individual understands their individual carbon footprint
  • Factors that influence decision to choose sustainable fashion options:
    • Comfort
    • Quality
    • Degree of sustainable impact
    • Pricing
  • Believes that college students are aware of the environmental/social impacts of the fashion industry, but cost affects their purchasing decision
    • A lot more education surrounding sustainability and impact is now prevalent, so awareness and education is improving
  • Information they find valuable regarding sustainable clothing:
    • Materials involved
    • Labor process making the clothes
    • Ethics of labor
    • Environmental contribution
  • Recommendations for features/functionalities of app promoting fashion sustainability:
    • Include valuable information mentioned
    • Brand comparison
    • Improving brand motivation to commit to a certain level of sustainability
    • Use of recycled/second-hand clothing to make new clothes
    • Relative price