Point of View Statements

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Project 1 - POV Statements

Point of View Statements

Point of View Statement: John

Being an inner city university student who prefers independence, John needs to find a way to eat nutritiously and stay fit without sacrificing too much time.

Point of View Statement: Larry

Being a preppy and busy high schooler in own home, Larry needs a way to eat nutritious food because his parents are away working most of the time.

Point of View Statement: Alexy

Seeing as he’s constantly busy with theater projects and part time stuff, Alexy needs a way to save time staying healthy, especially considering doesn't see his parents often for nutritious food, or have the time to cook it.

Point of View Statement: Candie

Because she loves self-improvement and hates monotony, Candie needs a way to eat varied and nutritious meals (especially lunches and dinners) that’s easy and quick, because she’s a traveler and doesn't have much time or knowhow for cooking.

Selected Point of View Statement

You’ll select the Point of View statement that you’ll carry forward to inspire and guide your design work after our next class meeting on Mon, Jul 3.