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Project 1 - Domain / Area of Opportunity

The domain that I’d like to focus on is….

I would like to focus on reducing waste thru changing human behaviors.

  • For example, I will admit that I currently have poor composting discipline.
    • My excuses include:
      • lack of space in limited studio apartment
      • poor smell when the bag is full for extended period
    • If there were an economic incentive, such as a weighing mechanism to enhance compliance, I would be more motivated to partake.
    • Further, if the bag were to tie itself (such as after midnight), it would mitigate my concern over smell.

This area is important/interesting to me because….

There’s a substantial opportunity to reduce landfill usage thru recycling and effective composting.

This also has follow-on effects of reducing carbon emissions from transport and manufacturing disposable items.

I notice this when working in general assembly. The amount of expendable packaging used to transport parts to a vehicle factory can cost up to thousands of dollars per car.

Product Idea: Smart composter with sensor to detect contamination and bag tying feature

6/30 Office Hours with Colin

  • Discussion to gain context on issue:
    • Theo: Has friends that compost from end-to-end, but it requires a lot of space. Typically those who do this have lots of land.
    • Vittorio: In Italy, there is standard practice to take food waste out to specific bins.
  • Look on Amazon to see if there are products that have functionality similar to idea: Appears to be a smart composter for $499 that grinds and compacts your compost
    • Price seems high for target market: more than ticket from SF to NY ($400) and half as much as an iPhone ($900-1000)
    • Might not address the smell concern
    • Might not detect plastic or metal contamination
  • Idea that Coffee grounds are in high demand; people go to coffee shop to get grounds to add to their compost
  • Potential pivots: Sort out waste (copper, other valuable metals), marketplace for construction extras