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Project 1 - Plan for Iterating

Planning to Iterate

  • Was the feedback consistent?

Although I consciously ran the test the same way each time, the feedback was not consistent.

  1. The first test went slower than expected. The user clicked backwards a couple of times. It seemed that the user was not sure what the Quipu tool was for until they reached the end. They also asked about installation/service mid way through the presentation when that feature is demonstrated at the end.
  2. The second test was not helpful as the user stated the idea is 10/10 and declined to provide further feedback.
  3. The third test was helpful as the user requested metrics to track environmental impact of the decision to change to more efficient appliances. The user requested “carbon footprint” ratings” which is a promising add.
  4. The fourth test was helpful because the user seemed to have a short attention span. The user stated that keying in information about the energy bill and existing appliances is tedious in a modern world where people are used to getting information rapidly.
  5. The fifth test, instructor input, was helpful to reaffirm the feedback that some users will not know their appliances. A feature to take photos of the appliance for them to be intelligently recognized would be helpful.
  • What were the best learnings?
  1. Users can get stuck. If users are going backwards, or hesitate when they are asked to provide personal, perhaps there’s an opportunity to use automation while protecting privacy.
  2. Designers have had lots of time with the product, but users are a blank slate: It was surprising when users paused to understand concepts that I assumed would be common knowledge.
  3. Short attention spans. Users struggled to understand the product’s value. It might be helpful to signpost up front how long the process will take, and what they might get out of it by the end.
  • What should you implement as you ITERATE?
  1. Signpost on the process before the user begins.
  2. Simplify the data input by adding quick input features:
    1. Link utility company bill rather than type in the data manually
      1. Follow up 7/14: Added feature in updated user demo
      2. image
    2. Take photo of appliance rather than key in model and age manually
      1. Follow up 7/14: Added feature in updated user demo
      2. image
  3. Add carbon footprint projection of potential efficient action.

Notes taken from testing captured on Post-its