Design Project 1 | Prototyping Plan

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Project 1 - Prototyping Plan

Prototyping Goals

Tube-shaped cosmetics can be cut open to access the remaining product, but they have limited shelf life. On the other hand, cosmetics packaged in plastic containers without a tube design are difficult to completely utilize, even with techniques like shaking or storing them upside down. The small amounts of leftover cosmetics inside the containers are often discarded, contributing to environmental pollution and posing challenges for recycling. To address these issues, I propose this container, designed to optimize product usage and minimize waste.

Prototype Features

To gather advice on how to structure the attachment and detachment mechanism of the vinyl cap, I can seek input from others. I think this feedback can help refine the design and ensure that the attachment and detachment process is user-friendly and reliable. Furthermore, I can inquire about their insights and suggestions regarding which materials would be suitable, taking into account factors such as hygiene, flexibility, and environmental impact.

Prototype Media

Sketch: to receive testing feedback and provide a rough demonstration of the idea.

3D Printing: to showcase the specific design details and physical features of the prototype.