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Project 1 - Composite Characters

Composite Character Profiles

The worker

  • Doesn’t have/parents don’t have high-paying jobs to get the money to switch over to a more sustainable lifestyle.
  • Cares more about convenience and cost over renewability and longevity.
  • Ideally would like to have a more sustainable lifestyle if they could afford it.

The commuter

  • Uses/would like to use public transportation in an urban living environment.
  • Most of their public transportation options are inefficient and unreliable.
  • Relies mostly on biking/walking to get where they need to be.

The wealthy environmentalist

  • Has the money to switch over to a sustainable lifestyle.
  • Cares more about the longevity and environmental impacts of products and services over cost.
  • Has/parent have higher paying jobs to afford expensive initial costs of more sustainable products.