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Composite Character Profiles


  • Intellectual and curious young adult who is willing to research deeply into concepts
  • Concerned by industrial water usage and ignorance that leads to water waste
  • Thinks that changing the mindsets of people to conserve water is hard and can only be done through extremely basic and easy to use innovations


  • Highly optimistic teenager who apologizes quite a bit (people pleasing in an innocent and good way)
  • Claims that current initiatives are that don’t have much of an actual focus on water conservation
  • Wants to implement larger scale conservation efforts


  • A blunt person who is realistic about most situations
  • Claims that change should start from the household through eradicating things such as two way purification sinks
  • Emphasis on less wasteful purifying and increased lifespan of water pipelines


  • Highly educated professor who is a first generation immigrant
  • Looks into the wasteful nature and mindset of human beings
  • Claims that there should be emphasis on helping agricultural sustenance through water