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One Slide Backdrop for Your Live 90 Sec Pitch

Paste image of your live pitch backdrop here.

Elevator Pitch Video

  • Create a a video recording (90 seconds max.) delivering your elevator pitch -- you can decide how to tell your story and what visuals will be shown -- for example:
    • your Google Slides, Canva, Miro (or your preferred tool) presentation
    • images or live video of your prototype?
  • You can create your recording using Zoom or any video recording tool that you prefer

Project Presentation

I have been hearing many quotes such as “when did that event happen?”, “oww when and where?”, “I missed it”, “no one told me so I was unaware”... Even though the announcements of events are starting a way before the event is being held, still there are a huge amount of people who are not aware of it. Events are nothing without its participants and if they cannot reach their target audience they feel themselves unsuccessful, as on the other hand, if we as participants was not heard from our friends or seen the same thing many times, unfortunately if is not engraved in our minds we are missing them and being upset when we see their photos. So I have started brainstorming about how to bring the organizers and participants together since I am in high school when I realized that one is reading daily announcements, all of us are being lost between million of emails that we received each day and flier culture is about the die as it is not effective anymore but also more like a wasting of time and paper. Even if you use social media account, those announcements are being held in those event’s own pages and it is not easy to follow all of them. Also trying new things is brilliant. I might not interested in golf, so it is totally understandable for me to not follow golf club’s instagram page. But if I see an unique event that is being planned, I might try it and maybe realize that I actually have a passion to that. So by this wandering device we are going to reach our targeted audience + new potential audience easier. Also when people start to take photos and share them in their social media accounts, even our Walking Inviter might be more effective than each individual club instagram page. I enjoyed it!! Also life is boring and we need to be creative.

Being perfect but having fewer participants is worse than being creative with more participants. Be creative, be sustainable and enjoy! Make people smile too.

We do not need to be perfect but we need to be effective and efficient!!!!!!!!!

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CEE 176G/276G Individual Design Journal Entries | Summer 2023