Yijing, Wang

Basic introduction

My name is Yijing Wang (Melanie), a 16 year old Chinese high school student from Suzhou China. I have been studying in an international school in Suzhou ever since Grade 1, and I aim to continue my education in the States after I graduate.

Why this course?

In the past I have always been interested in design, one of my proudest projects was designing an educational board game that teaches children in rural China safety awareness. For this product, our team realized that a large scale manufacture was needed. However, that was not entirely environmentally friendly. Therefore, I hope to expand my understanding and horizons in this course in order to produce products that are sustainable.


My goals are rather simple, because I do not wish to pressure myself as I am quite new to this topic and hope to learn more about it during my time here.

  1. Participate actively during team work (Communication skills)
  2. Take risks and dive into unknown fields