Hoshita Undella

  • Your educational background
  • Hi! I attend school at Saint Francis High School in Mountain View, California, and I’m a rising senior (12th grade). I enjoy academically challenging myself so I take rigorous classes! Picture of me with other student volunteers and my CS P teacher at my school’s Design Showcase:


    Liturgy Day (yep, it’s a Catholic High School):

  • Any industry experience
  • I’m the team captain of my Palo Alto based FTC team called Kuriosity Robotics (2x award winners at World Championships!), and as a result, I’ve learned things like building complex mechanisms with space constraints, working with different kinds of materials, and making sure that our robot is as resilient as possible. I also learned a little bit about sustainable designing when we carried out our face shield initiative to provide long-lasting, somewhat environmentally friendly face shields to front-line workers.


  • Why you're interested in this course
  • I’m really interested in this course because my main interests regarding what I want to pursue in college and in my career lie in an intersection between entrepreneurship and engineering. I believe that this course will allow me to use the resources around me to think of innovative solutions for problems that people around me and I are facing. I also believe that this course will allow me to carry this entrepreneurial mindset into tangible products via engineering something that I’m able to create designs and plans for through the various projects.

    Something that I’ve pursued that is related to this course is my team’s project in the Conrad Challenge about fuel-efficient jet engines. Project Pitch:

  • Your goals for the course
  • My goals for this course are

    1) Learn as much as possible

    2) Ask questions and be proactive

    3) Make new friends! My insta: @chintulaxmi