Karim Mallak

  • Your educational background: I entered the American University of Beirut in 2018 when I was 16 years old to pursue my undergraduate degree in business administration. After 4 years, I graduated with distinction and was given a scholarship to start my MBA degree at the same university, which I accepted. I am currently on the last 2 months of my MBA degree and am excited to be doing my last semester at Stanford!
  • Any industry experience: Due to my continuous education (from high school to undergrad to grad), I have not had the time or chance to collect any thorough industry experience. Although, when I was in my undergrad years, I took an internship in the largest automotive B2C company in the Middle East during the summer (for 3 months) where I worked with the marketing, finance, and costing departments to analyze how a business flows and operates.
  • Why you're interested in this course: The course interested me because I want to work in the consulting field when I graduate. In the consulting field, you may be tasked with certain projects that require great creativity and design/ structure. As a result, I believe that this course would certainly help with that. Moreover, nowadays many companies are transitioning into more sustainable practices; because of this, I believe that this course would also give me the ideas and know-how to deal with such situations if I am ever tasked with it.
  • Your goals for the course: I would like to learn more about sustainability and how it can improve the lives of people around us. Moreover, it is nice to hear from other people what they think about sustainability and how it applies to the areas they come from. Lastly, I would like to take the knowledge I get from this course and learn how to apply it to consulting projects I could potentially face in the future.