Eugenie Lee

  • My educational background

I’m a rising senior majoring in Entrepreneurship in Korea. This study has provided me with valuable skills and mindsets to navigate the world of startups, business ventures, and creative problem-solving.

  • Industry experience

I had the privilege of working as a researcher at the Korea Institute of Intellectual Property, which was an incredibly interesting experience for me. As someone with a deep interest in intellectual property and patents, being immersed in this field was truly fascinating. Moreover, I had the unique opportunity to develop an idea and witness it evolve into a tangible business. This hands-on experience allowed me to gain valuable insights into the practical aspects of intellectual property and its impact on real-world business ventures.


Additionally, I have had the wonderful opportunity to work as a Seoul Arts Center House Attendant, which was truly a dream come true for me. The enchanting atmosphere of the center, coupled with my love for musicals and orchestras, made it an ideal work environment.

  • Why I’m interested in this course

This course, Sustainability Design Thinking, allows me to pursue my passion for making a positive impact on the world and creating a more sustainable future. It focuses on developing innovative solutions for pressing environmental and social challenges, which is something I strongly resonate with.

  • My goals for the course

The opportunity to share ideas and collaborate with friends from all around the world adds an exciting global perspective to the course, further fueling my enthusiasm.