Shambhavi Gupta

Shambhavi Gupta

  • I recently graduated with a Bachelors degree in Computer Engineering. Over the period of my 4-year course duration, I interacted with an array of clubs and communities. Some of the notable ones were leading the UAV development team. My time here was profuse with projects surrounding development and execution of unmanned aerial vehicles, programming autonomous missions for various problem statements and leading the multi-faceted team in competitions across India. Additionally, I incubated the first Google Developer Student Club at my home university. The aim was to educate students on computer programming and development practices through regular lectures, events and activities.
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  • Over my undergraduate degree, I interned at two companies, namely CodeSpeedy Tech and Optevo, as a Python Developer and Global Project Manager respectively. My longest duration of internship was with Optevo, where I was freelancing before joining as an intern. I was endowed with the responsibility of:
    • Working cross functionally with engineering, software development and product marketing.
    • Identifying project risks, issues and dependencies.
    • Aid in managing timelines, execution, tracking and reporting of major strategy-to-product/software development initiatives.
  • With almost all big and small businesses shifting business processes to attain greater sustainability, the need to transform existing behavioral practices and products to align with these goals is imperative. I, as a curious mind with some experience at the intersection of business and technology, wish to contribute to the development of such products/services.
  • Here are my goals for this course:
    • To gain a deeper sense of how products are built
    • To understand where my faculties could complement the process and how I can improve my skillset to align to the requirements of the design process
    • To create mindful products by the end of the course, as a measure of my understanding and ability to apply sustainable practices in real life.

Additional information that would definitely help you become friends with me 😄

  • Using The Office references
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  • Being a true Swiftie at heart!
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