Vittorio Vergari

Tell us a bit about yourself:

  • Your educational background: I am currently studying economics and managemnet in Rome. In my country Bachelor’s Degrees last 3 years, so in September I’ll start my senior year.
  • Any industry experience: I have been working as an intern for my university’s business school since November 2022. I would not say that I have experience in education but I had the opprtunity to learn how to manage and organize post-graduate courses.
  • Why you're interested in this course: After attending the first class, I immediately felt like this course is incredibly different from how the learning experience is in italy. I wanted to have a chance to work on a project, sharing ideas in a learning enviroment like the one I found in the class. Moreover, there are so many economic problems related to sustainability that really deserve to be studied and deepened.
  • Your goals for the course: My goal is to make the most out of this course by learning new concepts but mostly by experiencing how working in a design studio would be like.