7/28 Office Hours with Glenn Katz

Journal Entry For
Project 2 - Interviews

Team Members: @Sean Yepez @Mason @Eugenie Lee

  • Supporting anything with a long term recovery.
  • Assessment of disaster types: “pick one as your primary” “adapted” “food, communication, power, clean water”
    • Hurricane:
      • Look into Puerto Rico Hurricane: People lived for a year without power or knowledge.
        • People went for months without having their supplies.
        • Long recovery.
      • “Hurricane feels good.”
      • Katrina, East Coast.
    • War: Servicepeople in Iraq.
      • Resource includes power and distribution of foodstuffs.
      • GK: Ukraine - bombed and normal infrastructure is out. People still live in their homes.
    • Earthquake: Sitting at home 7.0 earthquake happens. New constructions, wall cracking holes still standing.
    • Fires: When that one happens, you just don’t have a home.
    • Flood: Waters subside, lots of cleanup.
  • Concept: Not a surgical headquarters, mobile community resource center.
    • Create communities in places where stuff has been wiped out
    • Empower them to rebuild.
    • They don’t have to become refugees and live their home because we take care of their day to day needs.
  • Sustainability:
    • GK: Resilience play.
      • “Do it in a low resource way”
      • Assume its built in a very sustainable way.
    • “Food and agriculture” - not required that we stay within this
  • Parts of Asia, reinforced masonry gets knocked out because entire towns collapse.
  • Day spot to get power, find out about info, get