Design Project 2 | 7/26 Class Notes

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Class Session Notes

Brainstorming on Food Hubs

Divergent thinking:

  1. Intended for emergency response after fires, earthquakes, hurricane, floods, wars
  2. Alternatively, can serve rural mountain communities
  3. Space for teaching people
  4. Space for employing the community
    1. Cooks
    2. Mechanics
    3. Cleaners
    4. Retailers
  5. Modular design
  6. Physical attributes: No walls, circular shape
  7. Something that unfolds
  8. Sustainable features
  9. Comes in a kit: takes half a day to setup, stays there for however long you need it.
  10. Electrified - can generate its own power via solar or plug into grid
  11. Government would want to fund it
  12. Places it could be: high schools, gyms, sports fields, and parks
  13. Transportation: Can drop it out of a plane or helicopter
  14. Better at efficiently using resources
    1. Less packaged food
    2. locally sourced produce

Convergent thinking:

@Mason ‘s Summary: A modular design that is healthy, affordable, employs the people, providing sustainable, so thing the government would want to have for disaster struck areas

@Kevin Nicolas Haller ‘s caution: selling healthy options people who don’t have money: healthy is not a good business plan.

@Kevin Nicolas Haller It can be a way to rebuild the community after one of these events.

@Sean Yepez It is going to be for emergency response, impacted communities. Something that unfolds.

“Your town just burned down and you have to start from scratch. There is Food aid, but you’re living off of canned and packaged food. It’ll be months before businesses come back. Come work for the cooperative now now and setup a modular food hub”