7/26 Class Notes | Group Team-builder

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Class Session Notes

Group Visualization / Team Building Activity

Mason: Chill, happy relaxed, tired, cold in here Thinking about personal projects - apps Thinking about the beach - Santa Cruz Going for a nice drive - twisty road

From Cal High area of San Ramon

Kevin: Innovator Competitive, student athlete: freshman sophomore yr: basketball lacrosses, junior lacrosse contact sports, track and tennis. Basketball.

Catholic - goes to Jesuit school and attends mass on Sunday.

Eugenie: Can’t feel legs due to hike Inner peace and emotional calm Almost fell asleep due to 2hrs of sleep last night Interested in dogs, kept thinking about dog back in Korea Dreams of swimming and ice skating - because it is cold in the room

Sean: Physical - Stable, purposeful Mental - tenacious, slightly overwhelmed Spiritual - fairness, at least no harm to others, preferably to benefit Interest - dancing and racing cars

Also went to Jesuit schools