Design Project 2 | Composite Character Profiles

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Project 2 - Composite Characters

Create at least four Composite Character Profiles that will help you define your POV statements.

Composite Character Profiles - Tips (1)

Composite Character Profiles

Composite Character 1: Sustainable Sam

  • Sam is a recent graduate from a major university. He wishes that his school thought more about the learning environments students spend the majority of their time in, like the cafeterias, gym facilities, dorms, and classrooms. Sam is familiar with basic environmental best practices and considers the changes necessary to be fairly easy. Blissfully unaware of the costs, Sam is quick to suggest things like “solar everything” and automated parking garages. Sam has a good heart and a habit of winking at people before driving off in his gas-powered, gold-plated Mercedes AMG G Wagon, which gets approximately 13 mpg.

Composite Character 2: Tentative Tracy

  • Tracy is a high school graduate who is undeclared and still very much unsure of what she wants to be, but eager to learn and be a part of a community committed to “saving the planet,” per se. Her parents don’t have enough money to comfortably send her to a big private university, so she’s considering going to a public college. However, she’s worried that this will hamper her learning experience and make her pool of career opportunities shallow.

Composite Character 3: Energetic Ethan

  • Eric is a graduate student who is very self-driven, focused, and motivated in his life approach. He is quite social and open-minded when it comes to friends. However, due to the lack of certain facilities at the university he is studying at, he lacks certain factors such as recreational facilities, Healthy food, and convenient, affordable transport from the campus to the places around for daily chores and activities.

Composite Character 4: Calm Chelsea

  • Key attributes that help motivate your thinking about their day-to-day lives and sustainable behaviors Chelsea is known for her healthy smoothies and yoga classes. Chelsea is also is an engineer who strives to make company building more sustainable.