Design Project 2 | Composite Characters

Journal Entry For
Project 2 - Composite Characters

Character 1 - Sustainable Sam

  • undergraduate student at the School of Sustainability
  • always cleans up after themselves
  • doesn’t use more utensils/napkins than necessary
  • goes to tressider a few times a week
  • goes to tressider for food and to meet friends
  • has never been to the second floor

Character 2 - Tourist Tina

  • tourist
  • in a rush to tour the whole campus in one day
  • has to wait in long lines because of the influx of people at lunchtime
  • struggles to find a clean table, but was expecting it to be clean
  • visits tressider once during a visit for food
  • has never been to the second floor

Character 3 - Busy Brandon

  • undergrad student at Stanford
  • doesn’t care about cleaning up after themselves
  • goes to Tressider to get work done, meet friends, eat, or all at of these at the same time
  • uses multiple electrical outlets to charge devices
  • often studies in the coffee shops like Starbucks and coho
  • has never been to the second floor