Design Project 2 | Feedback from iteration round 1

Journal Entry For
Project 2 - Mini Proposal


  • Exhibit - 6m minimum floor to ceiling height
  • Methods to regulate the crowd - Mentioning the access and exit points
  • Methods to regulate temperature (research)
  • How do we make the primary purpose of the space obvious? using statues and logo (UpsyK)

  • for underground part: green vines/vegetations, posters on the wall, you learn all about up cycling on your way down
  • for above-ground part: make the glass bottom less clear
  • have a lift to go up from the bottom floor
  • bathrooms (one under the ramp and one at the bottom)
  • provide shading on the rooftop (by the pool) - umbrellas

  • Greenery inside (e.g. trees)
  • ensure that using the pool is comfortable (e.g. people can see from inside other people and that may be uncomfortable)
  • Advertise the activities inside
  • Creating a meditation/ relaxing space inside
  • It should be free and accessible to the general public