Design Project 2 | How Might We?

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Project 2 - HMW

How Might We…

Create a physical space that promotes the adoption of electric vehicles in order to improve the transportation system in its switch to electric vehicles.

Required Features to Create best EV Hub

Exterior design:

  • The EVHub pod must be aesthetically appealing and be equal parts form and function
  • The pod must have atleast 90% recycled content
  • The pod must have atleast 2 entry and 2 exit points and meet fire and safety regulations
  • There must be no use of any animal or animal-based product
  • EVHub must functionally withstand temperatures upto 55C and -40C, cross-winds up 30 mph
  • The pod must be equipped with adequate lighting and camera-based security

Interior design:

  • EVHub must have atleast four sectional “cubes” - snack bar, gym, yoga room and child play area
  • The pod must be children friendly but need not be pet friendly
  • EVHub must have adequate features for children and adults for play, yoga and gym needs
  • Maximum concurrent occupancy must atleast by 10 adults and 4 children

User interaction:

  • The pod must be accessible through user fingerprint or FaceID
  • Fingerprint or FaceID must be linked to the user’s EV or charging account
  • Entry to the pod must not take more than 3 seconds to authenticate
  • Internal features (yoga apps on TV, TV in the gym) must operate without any authentication needs

(should users be able to use the hub only when they charge? or if they subscribed they can use the hub without charging?

If they can only use the hub while charging, should we generate a code when they start charging, so that they could open the hub with this code?)


  • EVHub must secure revenue either directly through user, the EV OEM or the EV charging group
  • EVHub must offer trial plans for individuals and family and run on a subscription method
  • There must never be any charges for cancellation of subscription


  • EVHub must be entirely solar powered and be off the grid with adequate operating panels
  • The pod must also have a battery for energy storage during night-time applications
  • HVAC and other appliance power drawn must be direct-solar or from the battery or both
  • The pod must be designed for atleast 15 hours of continuous battery power without solar
  • A mobile application that allows users to sign up and subscribe to EVHub and unlock the main doors.