Design Project 2 | Interview

Journal Entry For
Project 2 - Interviews


  • What brings you to campus today?
  • What type of transportation do you use to get around campus?
  • What your thoughts on the bus stops at Stanford?
  • Yes or no why?

Interview Results


General Observations

  1. Tourists usually gathered around the Main Quad (especially the Memorial Church) and the Oval. This may be due to the fact that the Memorial Church is one of Stanford’s most famous buildings, and is also where lots of people take pictures to show that they have been to Stanford.
    1. Tourists also thrived around Hoover Tower, since it will be closed down after July 30, lots of people gathered and lined up really early just to go up and take a look at the campus from a higher perspective.
  2. Lots also sat around the Union, because it is the only source for refreshments asides from student dining halls.