Interview - Lakshya

33 yrs, male, single

I asked Lakshya whether she owns a car, an EV, what she thought about charging wait times, how she utilizes her time on road-trips, and what would make her journey more relaxed, memorable, and useful? Since Lakshya’s an EV supporter but a gasoline car owner, I made sure to clarify that the EVHub concept would also apply to non-EVs.

Lakshya reverberated Samantha’s sentiment - driving takes a toll on body muscles and on health and vitality of stretching and getting some light exercise in (and feeling the exercise rush improve your mood and well-being) cannot be overstated. Lakshya by nature is shy and an introvert but I was surprised by his fervor in adopting an EVHub concept given that it’s more publicly exposed than his comfort zone.

He relished the idea that “I can go to where I need to be, and also stay healthy and relaxed in a true sense is a novel, never-done before concept”