Interview - Rita

For a long distance trip and you had to stop for 15 minutes, what would you want to do in that time?

I would definitely use the bathroom since I always stop to use the bathroom during road trips. I also stop for my dog to get out of the car and walk around.

When you travel do you typically travel alone, with friends, or with family?

I do my road trips with my family usually.

If you had access to a quick stretch/workout space, for no extra cost for you, would you use it? Why?

Yeah, as I said before, I like to stop and use the bathroom which gives me and my dog a good opportunity to stand up and stretch.

Do you own an EV car?

Yes, my parents own a tesla.

If yes, tell me about your EV charging experience?

They usually charge the car at home or at malls. When we go on longer road trips, my dad would usually search on google for the nearest charging station and we would go off course to charge the car for a bit to continue on.

If yes, what are your thoughts on the cost of charging?

I personally find it affordable, but I do not pay for it myself. (Her parents pay for it).