Design Project 2 | Mini Proposals + Ideating

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Project 2 - Mini Proposal


Improving EVs

  • Charging capabilities
    • already underway by companies

Making it transportation more versatile

  • have Electric bikes at buy charging ports in cities to swap out for
  • chargers by train/bus stations

Charging stations

  • Can be spread like gas stations
  • Comfort



  • in cities making more accessable or clean


Mini Proposal 0 - EVHub (Leader)

EVHub is a pod-like, cabin-like personal well-being focused solution to the everyday EV user. EVHub offers a snack bar, a yoga room, a children’s play area, and a small gym with basic gym necessities to offer more efficient time utilization, productivity and relaxation to the EV user charging their vehicle for 10’s of minutes. EVHub aims to promote faster EV adoption worldwide by reducing, what we call, waiting-boredom (WB), where a user waits for upto 45 mins at a charging station largely doing unproductive or low productivity tasks that are typically orthogonal to health and well being.

EVHub aims innovative revenue streams to fuel our mission by providing a well-being and human centered sustainable (and zero GHG footprint) design solution to the WB problem.

Mini Proposal 1 - EcoTransit Hub

EcoTransit Hub would be a multi purpose hub that allows users of a community to have access to changing stations for their EVs, Bike sharing and repairing stations, a green waiting lounge, a shared E-Scooter docking and charging station, and a local transit connection which feature bus, train, and tram stops.

EcoTransit would encourage members of a community to engage in sustainable practices as the hub would be fully solar/ wind powered, and would even feature a drinking water point from refined rain water and humidity condensation.

Mini Proposal 2

Problem - people wont buy EV cars because they fear of running out of charge, and there are not nearly enough chargers around the country to eliminate this fear.

Solution - clean EV charging station

Space - locate these chargers at grocery stores/libraries/parks/places people will park and stay for a while

Idea - A charging lot that would look almost like a little hut. On top it would have solar panels to slightly support the charge directly. The around the sides it would have high filtering CO2 plants such as bamboo and/or ivy. Then like in proposal one, the water capture could be used to fill up water bottles, rise cars?

Mini Proposal 3

Problem - Families, particularly with kids are hesitant to use public transportations such as trains or buses because the waiting and the ride itself can be unpleasant and uncomfortable.

Solution - people friendly bus/train stops (focus on outdoor stops)

Space - Big train/bus outside hub stops. Tends to be in cities.

Idea - Instead of the tiny dirty metal hut we see, instead have a greener more friendly looking stop. Think, solar energy roof so that charging ports are available, or even have the power support a friendly drawing board (like ones people can “draw” with their fingers on, it would have to have algorithm monitoring for inappropriate content though). Greenery of course, because the more CO2 capturing plants in the world the better. I think a child friendly option would be to maybe place a little swing on the side, or some friendly looking seating (maybe keep with the earthy theme and have little mushroom looking seats).