Design Project 2 | Office Hours with Colin & Glenn (8/4)

Journal Entry For
Class Session Notes

Recreational space

  • Need more recreational activities within the spaces
    • Ping pong, etc
  • Need more things to be able to experiment with
  • Needs to look like a recreational area upon entrance
  • What is it that we encourage relating to rest and relaxation
    • How do we make the yoga place unique
      • Shade, canopy
  • Convertible areas
    • Ping pong to fuseball
    • Chahooli museum
    • Look at schools and cruise ships
    • Need to unify the space - it has many parts but it needs to string them together
  • Need a name that implies sky, high, roof
    • Highline in New York
    • Urban oasis vibes
  • Think about adding a water feature
    • Sound of trickling makes us forget about things around us
    • Koi pond
  • Green walls and indoor plants and vines in the individual work area
    • Private cabanas in pool areas of hotels
  • Little spaces in the building where air can come in but it still remains private
    • Incorporate other kinds of gardens maybe
    • HBC in singapore
    • Fairmont in San Francisco