Design Project 2 | Sketches & Prototyping

Design Project 2 | Sketches & Prototyping

Due Date
July 31, 2023
Journal Entry For
Project 2 - Mini Proposal
AlexIlyaanAnnaAbla Mohamed Sultan Abdulla Alshamsi

Design Thinking

What specific needs are we addressing?

Need 1 - Sustainable Behaviours

“Creating a multi-purpose destination for the local community”

Addressing the redundancy of shopping malls in an age of e-commerce, we wish to create a destination close to people’s home so that travel times are reduced, and most of people’s needs and wants can be addressed in one location.

Need 2 - Sustainable Features & Systems

“Addressing the need for sustainability of operations, production, design, and life-cycle of shopping & dining experiences”

Malls are incredibly energy intensive and wasteful. We wish to create a place with strict rules about sustainable energy and behaviours.

  • Power Usage (lighting, heating/cooling)
  • Waste Production & Management
  • Building Materials
  • Efficiency in design (wind flow, use and non-use of the sun)

Need 3 - Sustainable World

“Prioritising the economic and social interests of the community”

Democratising the shopping and dining experience.

What have we proposed?

For who?

People that want to have all of their needs met in one place, while also making an impact on sustainability. We aim for this to be an all-in-one location with an emphasis on community and sustainability.

Where is it?

  • San Francisco Airport
  • Suburban areas in Southern California

Our Design


Transportation Lines




Construction Features

Precinct Inclusions

Championing Co-operatives