Design Project 2 | Prototyping and feedback

Journal Entry For
Project 2 - Prototyping Plan

First prototype (Monday, July 31)



This will be possible with the increased thermal mass of the floor

Feedback 1:

It is really loud indoors, we should solve this problem.

We should think about how to keep the building ventilated to make the indoors less odorous.

Could remove doors and walls or make them retractable.

What would people use when Tresidder is refitting?

Grill areas

Prototype 2 (Wednesday, August 2)




bicycle tents with solar panels.

  • This could solve the problem of having “burning bicycle seatings” from parking for a long period under the sun.

For the basement/second floor:

  • During the day will be a coffee place for creating a more private space for a coffee chat, and at night will turn into a bar.


Tresidders Union outdoor seating computer-friendly tent

  • replace the outdoor seating tents with a large “glass” tent with materials similar to UChicago's library 👇



Add self-cleaning table

Use “living roof” instead. A roof completely made out of plants. It gives shade but doesn’t completely block the sun.

A glass roof won’t give enough shade.

How long would it take for the renovation?

Tester really like the solar tube idea

Feels like a lot of different things. Integrate all the solutions.

Like the sustainability measures to reduce energy use.

Could add more restaurants.

Redraw the floor plan to put all the restaurants together in one place.

Round tables are awkward and materially inefficient, long bench tables would be able to seat more people.

Make it less “food court” —> charging ports on tables and chairs

look at other universities and countries systems

charging electric bikes w solar energy

bar area where you can get food —> 2nd-floor balcony