Minimum Viable Product Definitions

Selected MVP:

Our product is a food hub that aims to provide relief and support in the aftermath of the disaster, empowering local communities to become self-reliant in the long run.
Our [disaster resource center] helps communities coordinate distribution of food, purify water, and re-organize labor in the aftermath of severe hurricanes
Our {supply drop hub} is a robust tool that allows communities to stay connected to and supplied during severe hurricanes.


  1. Information for people to know when, where, and how much supplies to expect
  2. Water distribution taps, storage and purification
  3. Food requires refrigeration (produce) and dry storage (grain)
  4. Source of energy
  5. Communication Equipment

“Maybe” minimum: 1. Restrooms

  1. Showers

Nice to have:

  1. Shaded areas for protection from the sun
  2. ample space for people to sit or gather on the ground
  3. boards for planning and discussions