August 2023


Corpus Christi, TX

Structure design
Electrical model
Digital - user interface model
Logo ideas


Colin’s comments:

  • Why is it important to include refrigeration?
    • Mason: Takes a lot of energy.
  • Is this first response or how long does it last?
    • Rebuild community
  • Is it modular, or one structure?
    • Mason: One specialized in water, one for cooking, one for refrigerating
  • Consider Mold

Box to be able to be taken on a truck (3 in a standard cargo container)

Dropped from a helicopter

Dropped from a plane

Hurricane Proof

Food and Communication Hub for Shelters

Food (Canned Food, Electric Cooktop)

Water (Distillation)

Power (Solar Panels)

Internet (Satellite Internet)

7ft Cubed

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