July 27, Wednesday
Denis AndriaKhaled Essam Hosny AhmedDilnaz SatubaldiyevaFelipe

Very Brief Summary: Overall, the results were insightfully concrete. Many of the issues refugees faced were highlighted in the interviews: poor conditions, lack of resources, housing, education, and cultural difficulties. NGOs and governments try to resolve issues but there is not enough funding and cooperation. Some ideas lack the proper innovation and ingenuity that would help solve the issue effectively and efficiently and thus grant the funding. Features of a self-reliant home would include mobility, solar energy, water storage/filtration, (and more depending on each interview). Concepts such as this self-reliant infrastructure could exist for both facilities and homes.

Further Observations/Extension: Many of them often provided personal accounts as examples, to illustrate the image of what they go through on a day-to-day basis. By doing so, it highlights the issues and paves the way for what could help resolve those issues. What do they lack? What do they need? We have the who, why, and where. However, we need to organize the information and “who, why, and where” further, into CCP’s and POV statements, to thereafter tailor solutions to all the factors and their needs.